This Photomanipulation is a pure Non-Commercial Work and has no monetary gains whatsso ever. I am thankfull to the individual photographers who has clicked the shot,s which I have used in Photoshop CC to create a Photo composite.

The Image and the Individual references below :
The Photo Composite created using Photoshop CC 2014. Tons of Dodging & Burning, Blend Modes, were used to get this done. :)
The Stadium - This image is taken From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository and is the Aerial Shot of Citi Field_Opening Day_April 13th_2009.

Child on the Tree - This image was a result of a Google search. This Image belongs to Brandi who is the photographer and the mother of Rylan who is seen in this picture sitting on a tree.
The Crying Child - The google search gave the image of the crying child by the Ace Photographer and Retoucher Jill Greenberg. is where I got this reference image to enhance the mouth while creating the PhotoComposite.
The smiling Children - The Smilling children was taken from stock images. I have used one of the image to get the eyes highlighted.


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